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Who Am I?
I am the founder of You don't hear a lot about me but I'm the guy behind the scenes ensuring it all works. My name is Nezihi Ozduzen. I started all this in 1999. It was (and still is) a "non-profit" activity to help Turkey and Adiyaman to be better known by people around the world. Phew! What a journey!

Over five years work, thousands documents were received/handed out from/to people around the world and Turkey. Alas, I still have to pay the bills to keep so much information alive and easily accessible on the web. More than this I want to achieve something incredible. More Here!

Donate a little
I am not rich. I just get by, like you! But I do spend some (quite a bit) of my income financing this site to ensure it competes and flourishes on the internet. I would like you to help me. Please contribute a few Dollars or Pounds or Euros to help finance this work and to help me pay for its cost and to develop it further.

If you help me, I will use the money to even make this site more enjoyable to its visitors. Its that simple! If you click the button below, you will be able to donate a small amount $5.00, or more if you wish, by altering the amount from $5.00 to any amount you wish to donate. All donations (transactions) are secure! Donations will be used to help pay rising costs of services and to help Adiyamanli.Org to become even a more enjoyable site.

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Nezihi Ozduzen.
(Founder and Webmaster of Adiyamanli.Org as well as the Turkish-Media.Com web sites)

Note: A few people have emailed to ask if they can contribute by sending a check. Yes by all means, you can contribute by sending us a check, if that is more convenient for you. Those contributions too, will help us maintain and improve the web site further.

If you would like to send a check, please send an email to: [email protected] for more details.

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