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If you would like to be in our mailing list, please provide the following information.  I will keep informing you about all changes in this site and also I will try to make a mailing list , which I hope, brings us closer.  I am really exited and waiting for your comments and suggestions about the site.

Eger e-mail listemize katilmak ve Adiyaman hakkinda her an bilgi sahibi olmak istiyorsaniz, lutfen assagidaki bilgileri bize saglayin.  Bu site deki degisiklikleri ve Adiyaman hakkindaki en ufak bilgileri her an ilk elden alacaksiniz.  Gercekten cok heyecanliyim.  Dilerim bu site Adiyamanlilari ve Adiyaman severleri daha da yakinlastirir.

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