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Adiyamandaki Tarihi Yerlerin listesi

1. Adiyaman  Fortress-Hisn-i Mansur (It is a park right now)
2. Bestepeler Tumulus (It is one of the best preserved area)
3. Derik Castle (Old settlement area)
4. Dikilitas-Sesonk (A grave yard)
5. GAP and Ataturk Dam
6. Gerger Castle
7. Golbasi Lake and Around
8. Haydaran Rock Tombs (An early settlement area)
9. Historical Mosques
10. Karakus Royal Tumulus (Commagene Kingdom)
11. Mt. Nemrut National Park (The summer house for Antiochos I.)
12. Malpinari (Hittites ruins)
13. Oturakci Bazaar (A historical shopping area-must see)
14. Old Castle (Arsemia of Nymphaios)
15. Pirin Cave-Graves (Perre)


16. Planli Cave (Natural Caves used by people in early times)
17. Roman Bridge of Cendere (A must see sightseeing)
18. Roman Bridge Goksu (It is a very old bridge that you must see)
19. The New Castle (Old Castle of Kahta)
20. Zey (Early reign Christian settlement)


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